Mbsap offers value-driven pharmacy business services that cater to all pharmaceutical and medicine process management, or any other critical pharmacy business needs of our clients. We bring in our versatile domain knowledge, 22 years of experience, and our in-depth subject matter expertise to the table, thereby allowing us to offer scalable and time-critical pharmacy services as a one-stop solution.


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    Our Pharmacy Business Management Service Offerings

    At Mbsap , we understand that unlike large companies which employ entire departments to take care of their pharmacy business, small, and medium-sized pharmacies cannot afford to support and train employees to perform such tasks. As a result, our pharmacy business service is geared towards not only helping you optimize the workflow of your pharmacy but also benefit from our world-class experience. Our services include –

    Pharmacy Management Services

    With a deep understanding of the entire, end-to-end prescription management cycle, Mbsap offers you timely prescription processing services within quick turnaround times. Our service experts understand your pharmacy management processes in detail; including, run times, cut-offs, expectations, and cycles, assuring the best possible service delivery that maximizes your service bottom-line.

    Pharmacy Billing Services

    Pharmacy billing is an important task since it helps to reconcile received payments as per the invoices/bills raised while ensuring that the amount paid by the insurance company and the co-payee equals the billed amount. Right from patient verification to payment posting, our pharmacists have handled countless pharmacy billing projects and have developed a standardized workflow mechanism which is in tune with your pharmacy billing requirements and will help you to increase your service excellence while ramping-up productivity.

    Document Management Services

    Majority of the pharmacies in the US alone still rely on paper-based documents when it comes to running their day-to-day operations. Now, due to stricter government regulations and rising costs, efficient document management is the need of the hour for pharmacies. At Mbsap, we can not only help pharmacy businesses transit to newer facilities but also understand all the complexities involved, be it documentation, data integration, PIS conversion, process metrics, etc. As a part of our administration and support services, we create a well-defined work plan that keeps your daily workflow seamless and effective while helping you to smoothly implement a paperless document management system.

    Mail Order Pharmacy Services

    Mail order pharmacies are significantly popular with customers because of the ease with which they can receive their ongoing medications. For pharmacy businesses as well, this method allows them to automate certain tasks and lower the pressure on their pharmacists. Mbsap understands what makes mail order pharmacy get you the desired results – process efficiency and faster system delivery. You can now save operational costs and focus on other critical aspects of your pharmacy business with our efficient mail order pharmacy solution.

    Medication Therapy Management Services

    We have the required skills and expertise to provide clients with the best quality medication therapy management services. We make use of the latest tools and methodologies while delivering top-notch services within a quick time.

    Physician Referral Services

    Leveraging our extensive database, they strive to help patients easily reach out to their preferred physicians – as per their location, specialization, distance, and years of experience – and get immediate help and assistance, especially during an emergency. We also help healthcare providers expand their reach, increase their patient database, and perfect their healthcare deliveries.

    Pharmacovigilance Services

    Our experts have helped clients develop next-generation technology solutions that accelerate their drug discovery processes and diminish patient safety risks, whilst maintaining regulatory compliance. Our superior solutions help researchers integrate data science and automation technology with human knowledge to make the drug discovery process faster and more efficient.

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