As a company you might be making great progress and meeting your goals, but have you ever wondered what your core business processes might be lacking? More often than not, companies do not face an issue achieving targets but need to set business processes to meet these targets. Making sweeping changes to ancient business processes gets difficult with time as your business grows and your employees settle into a routine. But unless you improve processes and make them future-ready, one day your entire operations might feel the heat unless you bring in the changes now!

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    Our Business Process Reengineering Services

    At Mbsap, we strongly believe that business process re-engineering is the radical redesign you need when all your attempts at modernization or reaching new goals have failed. It’s the solution you go to to achieve dramatic improvements in all aspects of your business, such as quality, output, logistics, costing, servicing, etc.

    Having worked with 1000+ organizations from around the globe, including companies belonging to Fortune 100 and the DAX 30, we have understood the requirements of the modern business like none other. We’ve proudly delivered millions of dollars in cost savings to our clients and millions more in enhanced cash flow.

    Our core tenets as your chosen business process reengineering service provider include –

    HR and Talent Reengineering Services

    With Mbsap as your business process reengineering service provider, you can enhance overall employee engagement and productivity, create a functional and efficient workforce faster, and reimagine new ways in which to bring in resiliency and lesser attrition.

    We strongly believe that a skilled workforce is the greatest currency a workforce can have, and therefore strive to provide a new reimagining of your existing workforce which works together towards one goal. We leverage modern technologies and proprietary software to build workforce models and bring in automation for faster, more efficient processes.

    Our services include –

    • HR Transformation
    • Talent Development
    • Talent Acquisition
    • Remote Workforce Management

    Financial Reengineering Services

    At Mbsap, we offer a whole host of services to reengineer your finance team and organization operations in sync with your enterprise goals. We advise and manage the entire end-to-end process for your finance department, including cash orders, payments, and procurements, reporting and dashboarding accounting, and overall performance management.

    We leverage our intelligent workflows which depend on emerging technologies such as automation, blockchain, and AI to bring in sweeping changes within your front, back and middle office. We have helped clients curate financial data and reimagine existing processes to work towards a more sustainable solution, leveraging the following services –

    • Procure to Pay
    • Finance Strategy and Consulting
    • Financial Planning and Analysis
    • Customer-to-cash Cycle
    • Recording and Reporting
    • Risk, Compliance and Fraud Management