Almost all organizations use immeasurable amounts of digital data that needs to be tracked and updated regularly for day-to-day business operations. Information about clients, prospects, vendors, management, staff, mergers, etc. can be a part of this information. Data directories are used to keep a track of all important data so that it’s managed properly.


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    Directories may hold details about the following:

    • Targeted Industries
    • Specific Roles in a Industry
    • Contact Information of Decision Makers and Executives in a Particular Industry
    • Complete Data including Address, Company Name, Contact Name, Designation, Email Address and Direct Phone Number

    When Do You Need Directory Services?

    Directory services can be used for any number of operations in your business, whenever you need to add data in a hierarchy. A common example is creating directory for a particular industry where you recognize a growing or developing market for which you can provide a very specific solution. This might be a subset of businesses that are ready to upgrade with your services, or transit from an existing service of yours.

    Why Mbsap Directory Services?

    Directory Services are the most effective ways to contact and manage new leads from a variety of industries. This process requires extensive knowledge and experience in data mining and performing in-depth research and finding and managing hordes of information from reliable secondary sources across various industries.

    Further, it needs ensuring 100% data accuracy by cross-referencing it and testing it against other directories. Such a process can be extremely time consuming and tedious and requires an eye for detail.