Mbsap Medicare reimbursement services to Mbsap is cost-effective enabling you to focus on things that require urgent attention besides reducing the burden of hiring and training new staff to file reimbursement claims. With our meticulous workflow, opting for our services will entitle you to faster claim-handling of all Medicare reimbursements, fewer rejections, and fewer payments-in-parts. We abide by the terms of the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Medicare reimbursement schedule.


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    Medical Reimbursement Services We Offer

    In 22 years, Mbsap flawlessly handled Medicare reimbursement services by processing all applications in compliance with stringent Medicare regulations. We provide Medicare reimbursement to physicians as well as Medicare reimbursement to hospitals. The services that we are noted for are as mentioned below –

    Authentication of Documents

    A list of all the mandatory documents required for claiming medical reimbursement is provided to you. We check the authenticity of all the invoices, case papers, and bills provided to us. Please note that any fraudulent documentation leads to the cancellation of the reimbursement process.

    Data Entry for Medicare Reimbursement

    This is inclusive of patients, consulting doctors, and all code sets. We have a thorough knowledge of the medical billing schedule. Every detail is then entered into the billing software and submitted electronically. We email a copy of the claim or dispatch a hard copy to you as per your request.

    Medicare Reimbursement Processing

    Being a leading provider of medicare reimbursement services in India, We verify all information before initiating the Medicare reimbursement process. This is followed by obtaining your signature on the final report before sending it across to the insurance company.

    Detailed Explanations of Medicare Reimbursement Fee Schedule

    A fee schedule is a comprehensive list of fees that Medicare follows to pay doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers. This list is used to reimburse on a fee-for-service basis. We are well-equipped with the knowledge of the current Medicare fee schedule.

    Review of Medicare Reimbursement Claim

    Being a top medicare reimbursement service providing company, we identify conditions that could result in the delay of the claim process and help you overcome it. All accepted and rejected claims are closely reviewed by us to eliminate any errors.

    Data Indexing and Maintenance

    All data accumulated as per Medicare criteria is meticulously filed allowing for easy access in the future. This is inclusive of the Medicare plan opted for, hospital and consulting physician information, patient demographics, and the type of treatment provided. All data can be retrieved in cases of audits and financial evaluations. We do not divulge any information submitted to us.

    Administrative Support for Medicare Reimbursement

    We provide complete assistance for claim approval. We guide you through the steps that need to be undertaken in case of any missing documentation thus minimizing claim rejection.

    Accounting Support for Medicare Reimbursements

    Our experts cross-check all the financial details and the pay-out expected from Medicare. We advise you on obtaining the maximum payout for every claim.

    Explanation of Benefits (EOBs)

    We inform you of the medical expense covered by Medicare as well as details on any payments that are not provided. We provide complete details on the deductible or a co-pay that needs to be taken care of.

    Online Tracking of Claims Application

    Once the Medicare reimbursement application is submitted, its progress can be tracked online. We immediately notify you of any hurdles at any stage. We conduct regular follow-ups for a faster process and cash flow.

    Resubmissions and Medicare Reimbursement Solutions

    All declined claims are resubmitted as per the CMS guidelines with the necessary rectifications. We help you understand how to go about collecting the co-pay amount from the patient in cases where full compensations are not made.

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