The majority of the firms deal with large amounts of data and information related to the organization in these modern times. An organization performs towards success only upon ensuring that there is complete data integrity and all the systems are in conjunction with the organization’s objectives. With a large amount of data comes the responsibility of ensuring that the information systems and the information technology infrastructure are safeguarding all the data.


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    IT Audit Services We Offer

    Here at Mbsap, we offer a range of IT audit services. Our team of expert IT auditors is well-familiarized with software compliance and IT system audit procedures. We also specialize in a risk-based audit approach that helps make several important decisions regarding compliance testing and to assess risk. Here are the IT audit services that we offer –

    We offer IT processes and control audit services as a part of our IT audit services to review existing IT processes, internal controls and policies while also help in developing new ones upon finding any inconsistencies or to improve the overall performance of the business. This majorly involves creating control reviews that help understand the business processes and in coming up with appropriate IT and infrastructural controls.

    The demand for information technology risk assessment has been on the rise and companies are keen on understanding if their IT strategies are risk-free. Businesses are also making an effort to find out if their processes are in compliance with laws and regulations and will remain to be so in case there are any future amends in regulations. We help our clients with different areas of risk assessment and management so that there is maximum congruence between the business goals and IT processes, control over IT with minimum IT risks. With our risk assessment, we also offer risk mitigation solutions.

    When the information technology systems that you use are loaded with sensitive and confidential data and information, you have to do everything to eliminate any risks of data leaks, frauds, data security breach, and threats of such nature. Our IT auditing team runs security audits, tests for penetration and attack, and also assesses cybersecurity threats such that you can undertake the best practices to safeguard your IT systems.

    Our IT audit services also include application and ERP auditing for investigating the adequacy of the applications and the ERP of the organization. We assess the application controls and see if the operations are effective. We also check for overall application and ERP integrity, how the application performs on parameters like confidentiality, efficacy, and compliance. Based on the assessment, we recommend improved controls for the ERP and applications to perform optimally, ensuring complete IT integrity with minimized risks.

    Internal IT auditing helps in gaining a better idea about implementing best management practices to minimize risks. Our internal IT auditing services can help senior executives and board members with such insights and improving the effectiveness and quality of internal auditing.

    SOD or Segregation of Duties is very crucial to ensure that the company is not at the risk of fraudulent transactions and operations. This means that in a company, no single person should have complete control over the financial dealings and the operations of the company, hence segregating the responsibility and control to various individuals to minimize any such risk. We also offer SOD audit so that any risk related to that can be mitigated.

    Our pre-implementation review involves planning the process of internal control audits. In addition to that, we offer post-implementation reviews that involve testing and assessing if the system complies with the internal and external guidelines for information technology systems. This includes reviewing business processes, application controls, interface, security, and data conversion.

    Our team of IT auditors has complete knowledge of compliance regulations and laws about information technology systems. We identify and assess controls to evaluate and review whether or not they comply with the internal guidelines as well as the external laws and regulations. Our compliance audit is inclusive of the financial audit to check for compliance with various regulations and other aspects like quality management systems, and checking for security issues.

    Reviewing your IT projects can help you in finding out definite ways in which you can work on your IT projects so that they meet the expectations of your stakeholders on various parameters. Our IT project review process includes project risk assessment, project management review, project execution, and delivery follow-up, and much more. We have a systematic project analytics protocol in place to ensure a high level of accuracy.

    We also offer data analytics services as a part of our IT audit to help businesses understand their data, derive insights related to business risk, and also gain a better understanding of the industry trends. Data analytics presents businesses the opportunity of fine-tuning their operations and be more adaptive to risks. We use some of the best tools to perform data analytics and these tools provide us great insights, thus allowing structured testing and implementation of these insights to improve control over your IT systems.