Mbsap understands challenges faced by the healthcare institutions and brings a wide range of EMR solutions that are easy-to-adopt, completely customized, well-integrated, and extremely cost-effective. We have been successfully providing a complete spectrum of EMR services in India for over two decades. We can help simplify your clinical processes at a high return on investment (ROI).


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    EMR Services We Offer

    Mbsap is an EMR services company that has been serving global healthcare institutions, clinics, super-specialty hospitals, physicians, network hospitals, and independent practitioners with a wide range of practice-specific EMR solutions. Our team doctors are credentialed to analyze the electronic medical chart in EHR to analyze the reason for the patient’s visit, checking the patient’s history, medication history (present and old), concentrate on the diagnosis conditions, order lab tests if needed or due. Also, our doctors review the medication list to ensure the dosage and directions and record the required information in the medical chart.

    At the time of the patient’s arrival, physicians then assess the pre-charted notes and update the assessment if needed and sign the records in the EHR. For no-show patients, doctors cancel the notes documented in the EHR the next day of the appointment. Our solutions simplify and support decision making, ensure compliance, and streamline operations to save time and efforts.

    Our services include –

    EMR Solutions

    When you Mbsap EMR services to us, we take care of complete electronic health records management by implementing technologies, workflows, templates, and processes for streamlining data capture, generating reports and dashboards, preparing standardized formats and best practices for condition-specific patient care, and reducing redundant activities in order to optimize the clinical workflow. Mbsap also takes care of billing, collections management, eligibility management, and more so that you can process more patients within a shorter timeframe. We make sure that your organization is integrated with Health Information Exchanges, labs, pharmacies, etc. We bring accuracy and structure to the whole process of electronic records management.

    EMR Technology Implementation and Customization

    There are hundreds of tools and technologies available for EMR management, but we have noticed that healthcare professionals find it cumbersome to implement and customize the right technologies according to their practice needs. Most solutions require a number of alterations in order to meet the clinical requirements of different institutions. Mbsap has worked on almost all types of EMR technologies available today. We have seen how they work in the real world and what are the pros and cons of each tool. By combining this with our expertise in software development, we can help identify the right mix of solution for our clients and help them completely customize it to meet their specific style.

    EMR Custom Software Development

    Mbsap  can design and develop custom EMR software from the ground up. Our software would enable you to record, access, analyze, integrate all the medical information to drive greater efficiency, collaboration and productivity across your healthcare institution. Our custom EMR software comes with templates defined by you to meet the needs of your unique clinical workflows and support your staff with everyday decision-making. We build all-encompassing solutions that are 100% compliant with medical standards and guidelines.

    Workflow Management

    Mbsap  understands that each practice and healthcare institution is different. While defining the workflows, we keep in mind your unique clinical preferences and offer a completely personalized solution that mirrors your practice style. We develop workflow automation solutions wherever needed in order to reduce redundancy and make the process more optimized. A well-defined workflow can increase productivity, reduce resource wastage, ensure compliance, improve timely patient care, boost collaboration, and accelerate revenue cycle.

    Interoperability Management

    Healthcare institutions need to work in collaboration with all the stakeholders, locations, departments, and networks. mbsap develops seamless connections between hospital networks, pharmacies, labs, radiology or imaging providers, insurance agencies, referral providers, health information exchanges, immunization registries, and several more agencies. By working in-sync with all the external agencies, healthcare institutions can reduce collaboration time and cater to the patients encounters faster.

    Revenue Cycle Management

    We develop processes for efficient billing management and claims management. We design easy-to-use functions so that your staff can effortlessly manage billing functions while we handle the backend. We make sure that there is no revenue leakage and all the billing is on time. We also create revenue reports and analysis so that you can take administrative decisions with confidence. Mbsap can help you with fee schedule management, enrollment, eligibility verification, claims submissions, insurance posting, follow-up, denial management, and forecasting.