Are your sales leads looking the other way after visiting your web portal? Is your lead magnet losing its charm quickly? Are your targeted offers falling out of interest with potential e-commerce customers? If your answer is yes, then e-commerce lead generation solution from a reputed provider can hoist you from troubles and prevent your customers from defecting to the competition.

Mbsap is a brand that is trusted by over 100 e-commerce businesses because we constantly innovate to increase your sales lead and opportunity by offering more ways to handpick leads that convert quickly into your customer. We can bring you a niche lead portfolio based on industry, geography, revenue, title, etc. You can import validated contact details into your CRM and start sales conversations on the go.

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    e-Commerce Lead Generation Services We Offer

    The lead generation tools we offer are both automated and manual. We use best of both worlds in ideal proportions to shorten the buying cycle and increase the number of potential opportunities to capture a good deal. Our manual lead generation strategy will allow you to personalize your engagement with customers by becoming flexible and creative –

    Marketing is a whole lot easier when your audience is familiar with what you have on offer. This is where we come in. Being a top e-commerce lead generation services in India, we bring you a cost-effective way to build demand for your products and service. Our demand generation solution can elevate your business presence online and offline to make you visible across untapped markets through high-quality B2C campaigns. By harvesting publicly available data, we can build a lead list that is 10X more accurate and well-segmented for your business by driving awareness through multichannel tailored communications. We send mailers, email, promotions, offers, and other incentives to garner the attention of potential individuals who respond with interest.

    Cultivating lead list is no easy feat. To quickly qualify leads through various stages of the lead generation process you will need a reliable way to assess the sales-worthiness. We at Outsource2india can present you a repository of lead evaluation solutions to understand the merits of lead nurturing. We are backed by experienced agents, as well as AI and ML powered lead filtering system to help you concentrate on leads with buying intent.

    Is your sales campaign picking up the pace? Is it projected in the direction of the potential audience? Is it garnering expected rate of clickthrough? You can find answers to all pressing questions by turning to our campaign monitoring solutions. We offer excellent insight harvested from trackers deployed at each customer touchpoint to evaluate the progress of your lead nurturing program. Once we export metrics data from trackers to CRM we will use reporting software to create custom views (reports) for multiple stakeholders. This facilitates faster and effortless decision-making.