Businesses of all scales and sizes have multiple systems that generate a huge amount of data that is critical to their day-to-day operations. All this data needs to be stored and protected in a systemized and secured manner for smooth functioning as well as quick recovery in case of any data loss incidents in the future.


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    Managed Storage Services We Offer

    We offer a wide spectrum of managed storage services to our clients that includes onsite, offsite, and cloud-based storage management solutions.

    For physical storage, our team advises and successfully deploys physical storage infrastructure consisting of hard disks, tapes, blades, and highly advanced AI-driven flash storage devices, etc., as per the requirements of the clients.

    When offering cloud storage and management services, connectivity and speed is the key and our team fully assures proper integration of cloud storage systems with all the enterprise software applications to offer complete visibility and easy access to stored data for your teams.

    Our team is committed to ensuring the efficiency of data storage, monitoring, and management. To achieve maximum effectiveness, we not only consolidate but also simplify complex storage systems through leading-edge storage technologies like Flash, storage-class memory (SCM), NVMe, containers, and hybrid multi-cloud, etc.

    Mbsap specialists regularly monitor and maintain storage backup to ensure complete data protection against any data loss incidents, disasters, or cybercrimes. Our team also preserves the data for future purposes via proper data structuring, compiling, and cleansing.

    While working on the project with you for managed storage services, our team keeps a check and ensures timely up-gradation and installation of firmware, software, and hardware needed for undisrupted and smooth storage operations.

    Storage utilization, performance monitoring, and reporting are all undertaken by our expert team, relieving you of any worry regarding efficient data storage so that you can focus your team’s energies towards your key business areas.

    Other specialized services offered by our Mbsap include mirroring and replication of data, manual or auto-provisioning of data through optimizing server disk drive space, and configuration of the data storage systems.

    We also extend our expertise in managed storage services to you through our advisory and consultancy services. We analyze your business storage needs and design a custom storage framework with complete governance and application requirements within your budgets.