At Mbsap, we have embraced the 21st-century collaborative business model. And in a span of two decades, we have amassed a vast repository of insurance-related knowledge by interacting with our 200+ global healthcare clients. With us, you can leverage the expertise of our medical insurance experts to revive and revamp your insurance eligibility verification process.


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    Insurance Eligibility Verification Services We Offer

    Our team includes skilled and talented insurance specialists who are always geared to serve you. Some of the services that we offer are –

    Health Insurance Document Verification

    Once we receive all the necessary documents from the healthcare organization, our team analyzes the insurance E&B a day before the scheduled appointment to ensure that the records are verified. We collate the paperwork in sequential order as demanded by the insurance provider.

    Patient Insurance Coverage Verification

    We verify the patient’s insurance coverage with the primary and secondary payers. They capture details like co-insurance, copay, deductible, PCP name matching, in-network, and out of network benefits, and update in the patient notes. Then, our team completes the verification process by accessing the insurance provider’s online portal or by directly calling them over the phone.

    Patient Information Correction

    Our insurance support executives also follow-up with the patients and call them for any incorrect or missing information/documents. This helps to keep a track of filed/unfiled information and verifying all the collated information prior to the final submission.

    Claim Submission

    Lastly, we conduct a service procedure check and need authorization before providing the final claim details to our clients. It includes the required documents and other relevant information such as member ID, group ID, insurance coverage dates, copayment (co-pay) information, etc.