The digital world is driven by businesses looking to push relevant and meaningful content to engage their existing as well as potential customers. In the quest to find the right set of audiences without any direct connection, data and performance become the biggest indicators for businesses. Performance marketing secures one of the top spots in digital marketing services. In the digital age, where there are cut-throat competition and an influx of information available to clients, performance-based data-driven advertising makes more sense than ever. Performance marketing is an umbrella term for various kinds of paid advertising and brand marketing strategies combined to drive more traffic to websites and social media channels to enable intended action from customers. Get top-quality performance marketing solutions at reasonable rates by Mbsap.

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    Our Performance Marketing Services

    Mbsap offers a full suite of performance marketing solutions that can be clubbed together for better ROI optimization or can be availed individually. Our performance marketing services include –

    All the web and social channels offer paid advertising options to businesses, but it requires high expertise and extensive knowledge to understand the right platforms for your type of business. The popular digital channels to carry out paid advertising campaigns include Google AdWords, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Snapchat, etc. Our team finds the right mix of digital channels relevant to your market type and creates robust strategies and marketing plans based on customer data and analytics. Paid advertising can be further classified in the following forms –

    • Search Engine Marketing – We help find and make the right keywords to bid on and enable paid advertisement of search engine channels like Google and Bing that are relevant to your business type and appear alongside customer search queries.
    • Social Media Advertising – Creating sponsored content on social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, is not as easy as it seems. It requires careful analysis of data and a deep understanding of your users’ personas to effectively reach, influence, and convert followers into customers. We set multiple ad campaigns to target each type of target group to maximize ROI and enable a better understanding of data and audience.
    • Native advertising – Native advertising is a disguised form of paid advertising for social media. Under this, we partner with other platforms or publishers to create meaningful content in natural form with a call-to-action towards your product/service without interrupting the whole user experience of the content they are watching or listening to. Native advertising mostly works on a pay-per-click (PPC) basis and is more of an indirect form of paid ads with a better engagement rate.

    Ranking your content on search engines like Google can do wonders to drive traffic to your website and this is exactly what we intend to do by optimizing your website, landing pages, and content. Using tools like SEMrush, we find out the keywords with the most search volume relevant to your products/services, create content around it, and optimize the content to rank your websites better on Google pages.

    We not only provide on-site and off-site SEO but also localized SEO which has accounted for 900% growth in driving local traffic to physical stores or online ordering in recent years. Under localized SEO, we optimize your website/landing pages to search queries around your area, region, or locality.

    Email marketing, undoubtedly, remains one of the most effective ways to connect with your clientele and build lasting relationships with them. However, spamming your customers can drive your customers away instead of engaging them and so, there’s a great need for a thorough and deep understanding of email marketing to actually drive meaningful engagement and ultimately brand loyalty.

    Our team leverages personalized email marketing tactics to engage your target customers and drive them to your intended actions. Under email marketing, we also help you create valuable loyalty programs that drive greater sales and more affiliations in the long run.

    Content is king and no one can deny this. The right content can make your business and the wrong one can create havoc for your brand reputation. We have a vast team of content writers, copywriters, content creators, art directors, and other specialists to help you create written and visual content that creates value for your customer and enables them to engage with your business in a more personalized manner. Whether it is paid advertising, email marketing, or social media promotions, content is an integral part of each of them and we make sure to deliver only the best and the most relevant content that matters.

    A trending performance marketing tactic, influencer marketing is one important part of affiliate marketing too. Under this, we help you identify the most popular and reliable social media influencers or celebrities to push your products/services through brand endorsements and brand-integrated content. These influencers have a wider reach and loyalty amongst their followers and when they endorse your product/service, it drives greater traffic and sales to your website and digital channels. We also create special URL links and discount/sales codes to track the conversions from influencer marketing to analyze performance and ROI to streamline future influencer affiliations.

    Understanding your users and customers is an inherent part of performance marketing. To enable this, we extend superlative customer relationship management services that involve effective management of customer requests by leveraging a suite of advanced tools for analysis of customer trends and behaviors.