Helping Global enterprises with accurate and up-to-date information on the recent technological developments and competitors to understand the value of their own patent portfolios, Mbsap provides patent landscape analysis for companies to position their patenting initiatives in the very competitive environment. We offer information services on technical innovations, third-party patent holdings, trends in technical and geographical coverage of patent protection.


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    Mbsap Patent Landscape Assessment for Your Organization

    Besides evaluating and monitoring current patents and competitive activity, patent landscape assessment from Mbsap also enables you to –

    • Identify gaps and opportunities in technological, pharmaceutical, research sectors and markets
    • Optimize research and development efforts
    • Choose the best combination of new/fundamental technology creation and existing product improvement
    • Identify strategic partners for development and market collaboration
    • Maximize profitability and effectiveness of licensing strategies

    As your patent landscape research partner, Mbsap provides highly cost-effective and accurate services for your enterprise. Our pricing structure has been developed to suit each customer’s profile, from start-ups, to large corporations and MNCs. Compared to the costs of maintaining an onshore patent expert team, Mbsap tailored services have saved customers 50% or more while continuing to provide the highest quality service and results.