Traditionally, companies have always purchased or developed their own software, run it on enterprise infrastructure and done the necessary tasks for its maintenance and upgrades. Software as a Service implementation (SaaS), on the other hand, is a systems model where companies need not buy and install expensive packages (enterprise applications) but can access and use remotely hosted software over a network. Therefore, companies no longer must pay to ‘buy’ a software application; they only pay to ‘use’ it.

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    Our SaaS Application Development Services

    Although SaaS applications have found mainstream-use among enterprises today, but at the same time SaaS application development is not an easy task. It requires a strong understanding and knowledge of configurability, multi-tenancy, partitioning, security, etc. This in turn ensures that a true application can be built which can then be used to serve different types of customers from different industry verticals. Some of the SaaS development services we offer include –

    Our team of software developers is trained to provide you with the best SaaS solution development services. We can help you transform your packaged software solutions into web-based ones with similar features and capabilities, while ensuring seamless integration and deployment on your clients’ systems. We utilize a mix of several commercial and open-source technologies to build an optimum solution for you, while customizing it as per your requirements.

    Since SaaS applications are hosted on the cloud, you would need a managed hosting provider who can run your application efficiently with high uptime. We have the required expertise and state-of-the-art infrastructure to help you build and deploy a completely customized SaaS solution to a hosting service of your own choice.

    Our team at Mbsap can also provide updates to an already existing SaaS solution. Our team of developers can upgrade your existing solution to a newer version with better features and security measures. If required, we can also rebuild the entire application according to our client’s needs as well.

    If you already have a SaaS solution deployed but need someone to manage it, we can help you with that too. We understand that extensive SaaS integration is heavily reliant on legacy support, and each configuration, code, and deployment script need to be checked extensively. Our team at Mbsap can assist you with managing, maintaining, updating and resolving issues of the existing SaaS solution to ensure seamless interoperability.

    Advantages of the SaaS Model

    SaaS has gained tremendous popularity in the software industry and has been adopted by many companies across the globe. The main reason behind the huge popularity of SaaS applications are the array of advantages that the SaaS model has to offer. Some of the advantages of SaaS development are listed here –

    • When using a SaaS application, users don’t need to download the software or apply patches and upgrades as all these tasks are handled by the SaaS service provider
    • SaaS packages tend to be low cost for the end-user as they can pay based on their need
    • Easy role-based customization features are always available
    • SaaS is extremely suitable for global organizations who need to access the application from multiple locations worldwide
    • SaaS also leads to reduced support costs for the software vendors as they don’t have to build the software to support multiple platforms and operating systems
    • With the help of SaaS, software vendors can reach even smaller markets and companies who cannot afford to buy the actual software

    Industries Using the SaaS Model

    There are many industries that are predicted to transition to a SaaS model soon, if not already adopting it in one form or another. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), travel and tourism, e-shops, online shopping engines, and e-commerce are just a few industries that are expected to move towards the SaaS model and start using it. Some of the other solutions which have seen rapid SaaS-adoption include –

    • Conferencing Applications
    • Travel Services
    • Sales Force Automation Software
    • Financial Models
    • CRM Software
    • E-Learning Solutions
    • Core Banking Systems
    • Online Banking Systems
    • Call Management Solutions
    • Share Trading Systems

    8 Reasons to Choose Mbsap for SaaS Development Services

    Mbsap experience of having worked with software professionals from around the world has helped us gain enough confidence to handle any kind of SaaS development requests. Some of the reasons for you to choose our services include –

    • We provide highly scalable SaaS solutions which helps you to cater to the needs of your client in an efficient manner
    • With rapid prototyping, we can provide our clients with a glimpse of how the required SaaS application will look like and how it will work
    • We provide highly customized and on-demand SaaS development services at very cost-effective prices
    • Every SaaS project we undertake, we guide you about the technicalities of the project while customizing it as per your requirements to ensure that your business is a success
    • We provide the best services within the stipulated time ensuring that you do not suffer any loss due to project delays
    • Our team of software engineers are trained to work on the latest software tools and technologies and develop new and innovative solutions
    • We have access to some of the latest tools and technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure to provide high-quality services
    • We follow strict SLAs and confidentiality agreements and you can be assured that all your data is safe with us