Image annotation is becoming increasingly popular as it enables analysis and synthesis of information. This technique can be of significant use to businesses across different industry sectors, including e-commerce, and helps online sellers maintain an efficiently searchable product database. However, maintaining the required infrastructure and hiring an in-house team is time consuming and involves huge operational costs and administrative hassles.


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    High-quality Image Annotation Services We Offer

    Our comprehensive range of image tagging is designed to address the image classification needs of diverse industries. We equip businesses with an automated image retrieval system for locating and organizing images of interest and help online sellers maintain an easily searchable product database.

    When you send us your images, we begin the process by employing image annotation tools and bounding box mechanism to describe the properties of an image.

    Mbsap image annotation services include –

    1. Image Tagging and Annotation

      This involves providing specific keywords and pertinent captioning for classifying the images. The client has the option of specifying the terminologies for tagging, making it completely customizable by the client.

    2. Bounding Box and Annotation

      Pictorial content such as product features, objects, and various other specific elements contained in the images are detected and recognized for easy identification and retrieval. We ensure that all the images are accurately tagged, making it easy for you to create and maintain a pictorial database for further analysis or record keeping.

    3. Image Tagging of Aerial Imagery

      Mbsap carries out annotation of aerial imagery, which provides better visibility to new businesses across various industry sectors. Whether it is urban growth analysis of a city or crop count in the agriculture industry, the possibilities are numerous with annotation of aerial images. Our dedicated team will perform efficient annotation of your aerial images and help you analyze it quickly and easily.

    4. Semantic Image Annotation

      Semantic annotation involves tagging different parts of images with multiple relevant vocabularies to make the tagged images easy to retrieve.

    5. Tagging Images Captured by Autonomous Vehicles

      Whether you have images captured by a self-driving car, we provide accurate annotation of such images with a tagging algorithm.