MySQL offers comprehensive support to both web developers and network database administrators who aspire to build database applications. It is a powerful and secure database management system and yet, it offers ease of use as well. However, when you’re developing an application, there would be a fair share of workload that you would have to take care of. Moreover, many companies can’t afford to hire and maintain a full-time team that can ensure high performance of the database. What makes everything a lot easier is outsourcing MySQL managed services to a company with extensive experience so that you can focus on core operations.


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    What is MySQL?

    My SQL, which is based on Structured Query Languages, is a relational database management system. Being a relational database, it allows cross-referencing of different tables of the database with each other. MySQL serves many purposes like web database, warehousing of data, logging applications, and e-commerce. MySQL had garnered a lot of attention and popularity over the years for its advanced features. Big companies are powered by the MySQL database, and the most lucrative aspect of MySQL is that it is free and open source. MySQL is a preferred data management server and it provides comprehensive support and solutions in developing all kinds of applications. When all these features and benefits of MySQL are put together, it makes for the favorite choice among companies that develop applications and handle large amounts of data.

    MySQL Managed Services We Offer

    Mbsap is a professional MySQL managed service providing company that can be your one-stop solution for all your MySQL operation requirements. With so many amazing features to offer, many people still fail to leverage MySQL managed services the right way because of its complexity. Our team of DABs offers comprehensive MySQL managed solutions, as listed below –

    Following are the installation practices that we follow –

    • We prepare the server for application services based on operating system specific parameters
    • Installation of MSA monitoring and MySQL server is done, along with any additional features
    • We carry out hardening of MySQL server
    • We also conduct a quality check against the hardening and installation of MySQL server

    Following operations are included under our configuration process –

    • MySQL server service accounts are created and configured, along with other supported protocols
    • Configuration of database storage engine and replication upon purchase
    • Configuration of database backups, maintenance, and monitoring operations

    For the administration of MySQL database, the following steps are taken –

    • Broken database set of replications are rebuilt upon the purchase of replication support
    • Backing up of database and restoration when requested
    • Log monitoring of MySQL
    • MySQL Audit and high availability test
    • We also maintain the licensing of MySQL along with software assurance