With fast-changing regulatory and accounting requirements, almost every enterprise needs to know the value of its tangible and intangible assets, products, intellectual property as well as customer and vendor relationships. Mbsap assists organizations to identify and evaluate assets in a more specialized and comprehensive manner. We help organizations in making better-informed investment and business-related decisions. With a team of skilled business valuation professionals, we assist in quantifying and articulating value for taxation, financing, transaction, litigation, and strategic management purposes.


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    Our Business Valuation Services

    Mbsap is a leading business valuation service providing company and helps you understand the real value of your business while providing crucial services like taxation, accounting, and financial due diligence for multiple purposes regardless of the industry. Understanding that certain regulatory compliances also require both private and public companies to evaluate their recorded assets from time to time, Mbsap has been providing a wide gamut of business valuation services in India and globally. Following our global delivery framework and track record of quality valuation services, we are a chosen partner to Fortune 1000 companies, among others. Helping companies maintain national and international compliance standards, Mbsap provides the following key services –

    Additional Services

    Mbsap understands the complexity of business valuation and provides specialized services that meet any type of valuation requirement. Our additional support services include –

    • Capital Asset Advisory
    • Key Indicator Reports
    • Transaction Valuation Compliance
    • Scenario Analysis
    • Tax Advisory
    • Financial Statements Analysis
    • Industry Reports
    • Third-party Validations