Geotagging has evolved as a leading digital marketing tool and has been popular in the retail space marketing, fashion industry, home essentials and government establishments. With the agility of market dynamics, customers use innovative geotagging methods making it useful for any industry.


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    Geotagging Data Entry Services We Offer

    Mbsap offers end-to-end geotagging data entry services for today’s geographically based marketing needs. Our range of data entry services include –

    Business Tagging Services – Mbsap geotags businesses on Google Map and Google Earth with impeccable precision and flawless accuracy which enables organizations to be effortlessly spotted on the map in the search results

    Video Geotagging Data Entry – Mbsap data entry specialists provide video geotagging data entry services for companies by sorting and indexing their videos and making them easily searchable and accessible

    Image Geotagging Data Entry – Mbsap handles advanced image geotagging data entry services which support an organization’s secure databases for mapped images. The advantages are it permits users to effortlessly browse through images and works on location information. Mbsap skilled team has the expertise to organize geotagging information for any image format

    Geotagged Data Conversion – Today with the surge of multiple operating systems and devices to view data, Mbsap offers geotagged data conversion services. Our data management experts convert multiple ranges of geotagged data into a format compliant with your company’s website, operating system, or any other device

    Website Geotagging Data Entry – The amount of information dispensed digitally, clients require a single structured database. Based on the client’s requirement we gather multiple geotagged information from websites and collate them into a single systematized database which helps in better information management