The pharmaceutical industry has seen a rise in demand for pharmaceutical research services. Every medical professional is aware that while entering into a pharmaceutical business, studying market landscape, competitive intelligence, understanding and analyzing market forecast along with Intellectual Property and Open Innovation insights plays a pivotal role. Facts are pharmaceutical research requires skilled professionals, educated researchers with extensive trade knowledge and total understanding of advanced research techniques.


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    Services We Offer

    Mbsap has the capability to handle a broad spectrum of pharmaceutical research. In fact, we can research to meet precise informational goals. Pharmaceutical businesses can completely engage with Mbsap and we will ensure that the services utilized are researched, analyzed, and presented effectively which ultimately supports in launching a product or service. We offer services in four broad perspectives. These include –

    Intellectual Property and Open Innovation Services

    Mbsap Intellectual property and open innovation services widens the scope of patent explorations and can determine opportunities related to patented and unpatented information. Mbsap has the capability to provide both generic and specific services while further exploring valuable data which is worthy of releasing through open innovation. Our services include –

    • Technology Landscape Analysis
    • Patent and Technology Benchmarking
    • Open Innovation Analysis

    Market Forecast and Analysis

    Mbsap gathers, recognizes, collates and analyzes data ensuring it is market worthy. With a proper process and infrastructure in place, Mbsap data scientists have the analytical expertise to handle accurate market forecast and analysis. To get a better understanding of markets and exploit the opportunities available, the services offered are –

    • Baseline Forecasting
    • Market Event Analysis
    • Consensus Forecasting

    Competitive Intelligence Research Services

    Mbsap has the ability to deliver convincing insights into competition through focused and systematic research. To make successful entries into both new and existing markets, our competitive intelligence services provide the scope for effective strategy and positioning. Overall these services make leeway for intelligent and quality market-relevant decisions. We provide –

    • Competitor R&D Strategy
    • Competitor Product Pipeline
    • Competitor Product Life Cycle Management
    • Competitor Product Launch Time
    • Competitor Sales Force Assessment
    • Competitor Distribution and Marketing Channels
    • Competitor Key Messaging
    • Competitor Target Identification

    Medical Writing Services

    We can work with physicians, researchers, subject matter experts and other key professionals to create sound documents that includes extensive information on the studies, products, and medical information. We also check if compliances are met whether it is format, content accuracy, or the presentation. Our extensive knowledge of the standardized documentation format accepted across pharmaceutical industry ensures success for your practice.

    Key Opinion Leaders

    As regulatory mandates are updated along with institutional restrictions, you may need Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) to develop products across Pharmaceutical industry. Our expertise will give you the incentive to activate advocacy activities and consolidate marketing feedbacks. We also provide a database with search feature that enables you to search for physicians and other relevant data with ease. Our services can also aid you in predicting market growth in the future.

    Patent Landscape Analysis

    We provide patent landscape analysis to align patent initiatives in a competitive marketing sphere. Be it third-party patent holdings, technical innovations, coverage of patent protection, or technical trends we have you covered. With the right information, you can identify markets where your technology has growth potential.

    Market Landscape and Assessment Services

    Understanding the market helps in successfully launching a pharmaceutical business. At Mbsap, we support in both setting up a business and also help chart a new direction. This gears up the leadership for effective decision making. As part of the Market Landscape and Assessment Services our services include –

    • Market Sizing and Segmentation Services
    • Potential Market Opportunities Findings
    • Ideal Stakeholder Recognition
    • Key Driver Characterization Services
    • Defining Needs and Obstacles For Potential Market Entry Analysis
    • Competitor Analysis Services