We keep a track of when the subscription renewal is due, and send reminders to customers to renew their subscriptions before expiry, so that they enjoy uninterrupted service

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Make Mbsap work in 24 hours!

    Subscription Renewal Services

    Are you lacking a productive strategy to renew subscriptions of existing customers? Are you worried about subscribers drifting away towards the competition? Leaving your subscription renewal concerns to a smart outsourcing company like ours can help you retain old subscribers, and score new ones without a sweat. Whether you want to remind customers about expiring subscription or prospect newer audience with subscription services or products we can help you find success.

    Mbsap is backed by 22 years of experience in call center solution. We are the right people to help you grow your revenue with subscription renewal sales services. Our B2B contact center experts will leverage multi-channel communications to remind your existing clients about the nearing subscription term. In this way, you can enjoy the loyalty of your customers.

    Subscription Renewal Sales Services We Offer

    At Mbsap, we can carry out subscription renewal sales services at blazing speed. Using innovative communications technology we will help your subscribers stay on top of the fast-approaching renewal date. Before we begin, our team will analyze your subscriber database to identify the accounts that are nearing the subscription term. By sending early reminders we will facilitate you to upsell/cross-sell services without costing additional dollars. We also take care of account upgrades and add-ons that will bring better value to your subscribers while increasing your revenue. Mbsap offers the following subscription renewal services –

    • Product Subscription Renewal Services
    • Subscriptions with Automatic Renewal
    • Subscriptions with Manual Renewal
    • Service Subscription Renewal Services
    • Membership Subscription Renewal Services

    Subscription Renewal Services Process We Follow

    When you mbsap subscription renewal services to Mbsap, we will roll out membership subscription renewal services that will dilate your customer base and refresh your existing database with new information. We are masters at making your subscribers feel special by weaving personalized communications delivered in a friendly tone. Our strategy will let you increase client retention in no time. Here is the process involved in offshore subscription renewal services –

    01. Requirement Gathering

    Through joint efforts, we will collect the requirement from your sales team. We will segment priority needs and add-ons to save time and money

    02. Refreshing Subscriber List

    We will evaluate your subscriber database to update redundant and outdated data before sending personalized multichannel reminders

    03. Reminder Delivery

    The reminders are dispatched to subscribers along with soft-sell upgrades. This strategy will reinforce client retention

    04. Reporting

    Our contact center agents will maintain precise reports on the subscription renewal services. This report will include metrics such as delivery rate, open rate, bounce rate, etc.

    Why Choose Subscription Renewal Sales Services from Outsource2india?

    Mbsap is a top provider of subscription renewal services in India. We are the backbone to businesses that are centered on subscription services. By outsourcing subscription renewal services, you can be relieved from the stress of reminding numerous subscribers who are nearing the subscription term and updating the status on CRM. We can do more for your business at a fraction the cost. Here are more reasons why you should outsource service subscription renewal services to Mbsap-

    Certified Subscription Renewal Services Provider

    Mbsap is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company offering the best service levels that are a benchmark in the call center industry. Our subscription renewal services can bring you the ultimate satisfaction with price-performance advantage.

    Data Security

    Data security is our number one priority and we take rigorous measures to keep your client database confidential. Our efforts are lauded with ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification for meeting industry standards in data security.

    High Accuracy and Quality Service

    The quality of subscription renewal services is something we never overlook. We double check our efforts to ensure that service levels are unparalleled.

    Short Turnaround

    We take pride in being an elite outsourcing company that provides subscription renewal services at a short turnaround time. By assessing your renewal database we will speed up the dispatching personalized reminders so that your clients will feel special and valuable.


    Our subscription renewal services can be can be scaled up or down depending on your need and priority. You can get this service customized by telling us your needs and including maximum details.

    Pocket-friendly Pricing Options

    The subscription renewal services are budget-friendly and are suited for any business that deals with subscription services. We can serve you even if you have a tight budget and a lean requirement.

    Single-point of Contact

    You can get a dedicated agent right off the bat to help you with personalized support. We will listen to your concerns and provide real-time updates and client support via the dedicated agent. If you are still dissatisfied you will be contacted by our senior subject matter experts.

    Experienced Team of Contact Center Agents and Managers

    Working with us is easy because we have skilled contact center agents who have already earned their stripes by solving complex challenges in B2B arena. Our agents possess 10+ years of experience and knowledge of semi-autonomous tools used in our contact center for processing client requirements.