As IT landscape evolves, businesses are left with no option but to keep up with the change. The change is sometimes dynamic, that IT and Non-IT staff may have to shoulder responsibilities that fall outside their actual roles. If this is the scenario in your IT business, it is time to join hands with a managed IT services provider with the right expertise.


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    Managed IT Services We Offer

    Mbsap has been a top choice when it comes to outsourcing managed IT services. This is because the managed IT solutions we offer is accompanied by quality services to back you up in times of need. The services we offer as part of offshore managed IT Services is as follows –

    We can monitor your IT infrastructure and keep track of the critical and non-critical systems throughout the year to provide proactive maintenance so that you can stay committed to other core business functions. Our pay-as-you-go model relieves you from the cost concerns because you can avail this service on a need-basis.

    Discovering problems in your IT systems before it comes a major impediment is an area in which we have excelled with experience and deep knowledge of the industry. Using sophisticated AI-based systems we predict the failure probability and take preventive measures to arrest the system and business downtime.

    We use hardware as well as the Cloud-based system to store logs related to IT events. When an event is triggered by the system, our tracking systems will capture the log data and store them in an encrypted file for further response. The logs can be seamlessly managed without losing track.


    When compliance issues are trigged in the IT system, the SIEM enables us to perform real-time analysis of the event. This system works by combining the security information and security event data into a single stream of data to provide quality insight about problems arising within the IT infrastructure.

    If you are using a storage system to host services, we provide a 360-degree protection that would enable you to run maintenance and create back-ups to prevent downtime. We can protect your servers with advanced software that would soften the impact when a security event is registered.

    We can monitor the health and other vitals of the devices deployed at workplaces. We use a security software to scan and secure devices from existing and emerging threats. This is highly useful for small and large businesses that are looking or affordable solution to manage the devices used in a business environment.

    If your system is vulnerable we will be first to know thanks to our scanning software that can be run in your operational IT systems to look for system vulnerabilities. This will trigger alerts to notify IT administration team, if a potential threat is discovered.


    At Mbsap, we have capabilities to track events triggered on the Cloud as well as your web applications. This is to keep your IT environment in optimal conditions without interruptions.