Mbsap is aware of the ever-changing medical billing landscape where maximum attention is needed to avoid risking monetary loss. Be it a patient statement, compliance laws, coding regulations, or follow up with payment issues we have a suite of billing solutions that will steer you away your worries in a finger snap. Why feel concerned about the cost of recruitment, training, and employee sick days when we can work round-the-clock to deliver a finished project in a short TAT?


Make Mbsap work in 24 hours!

    Radiology Medical Billing Services We Offer

    Return of interest is a top concern for physicians, just like any each one of us. However, to get paid in time, it is necessary for medical billing to be completed without errors. Our team of physician billing experts is a boon for billing departments because we conform to your requirements without altering the existing workflow.

    The service subset we offer are as follows –

    Integrated Practice Management

    We offer practice management (PM) system that lets you supervise billing practices. If you are using our medical billing services, this service will help you in a big way. As part of practice management, you can supervise patient onboarding, appointment scheduling, interaction with single or multiple physicians, patient check-in/check-out, verification of insurance, encounter forms, recall system, and much more. O2I’s practice management will lower the cost of billing services and let you focus on patient care by streamlining your front-end billing process without clerical errors.

    EMR Integration

    If integration will help you smooth out creases in billing practices, we have just the right solution you need. Our PM system can mesh with any EMR system to sync every aspect of the service. Our service will automatically pull payment data without operator intervention while patient appointment and demographics are transmitted to the synced EMR.