An efficient back end is a prerequisite to an efficient front end. We at Mbsap approach data entry from an ‘end-user and end-purpose’ perspective. We understand the purpose of data and what purpose your data should meet. Making sense out of large volumes of data is not an easy task. It demands careful collection, organization and presentation. Our offline data entry services follow a meticulous process ensuring high levels of accuracy, speed and ease of understanding.


Make Mbsap work in 24 hours!

    The gamut of offline data entry services that Mbsap offers

    • Offline data collection
    • URL list collection
    • Offline data capture
    • Offline form filling
    • Offline form processing
    • Excel sheet filling and MS Word document data entry
    • Offline data entry from mailing lists, websites and image files
    • Offline entry of insurance claims
    • E-books entry, business cards entry, catalog and labels entry
    • Offline entry of data from one version/format to another
    • Data entry into database programs

    If you have any other kind of offline data entry jobs, do let us know. Outsource2india is always willing to stretch our limits and expand our possibilities to accommodate client needs.

    Why outsource offline data entry jobs to Mbsap?

    There are a thousand odd offline data entry service providers. But what makes us different? Our ‘end-user end-purpose’ approach is what makes our offline data entry services different from other service providers.

    Moreover, we do not approach data entry as a job which anybody can do. We employ a team of experienced people to handle your offline data entry jobs. Also, our customized offline data entry services will make sure that your objectives and goals are met.