Node.JS is an extremely popular open source (server-side) platform that is growing in popularity, and is currently being employed by a number of leading brands such as LinkedIn, Yahoo, Twitter, and eBay to power their data intensive and real-time network applications. Built using Chrome’s V8 JavaScript, Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight, practical, and efficient for building fast and highly scalable network applications.


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    Node.JS Services we provide

    Mbsap is a trusted Node.JS development company. Our expert team of Node.JS developers has been utilizing various methodologies in developing both client and server-side web applications that are perfectly aligned with your business goals. Some of the services we offer include –

    • Application Development Architecture

      One of the most important elements of application development one needs to focus on right from the beginning is the architecture or the build. This includes deciding on things like the platform, hosting and deployment of your application, etc. Outsource2india will work with your company to evaluate your needs and create a plan of action that includes how to implement databases, file storage and incorporate other advanced processes into the build.

    • API Integration and Development

      Outsource2india offers support, hosting, and maintenance plans for API integration in order to ensure that your system and application remains robust and up-to-date. We are also available to answer all of your technical questions and will help you move your business forward by addressing all immediate business needs including developing and marketing.

    • Clean Coding Evaluation

      Our developers are committed to developing and using cleaner coding practices that helps avoid errors and maintenance issues. When coding is done properly, errors are easier to control, identify, and rectify. It also provides a more transparent and easy to understand coding system.

    • Node.JS Migration

      Outsource2india has the required expertise in node.JS migration, i.e. converting any legacy system based on any other platform into a node framework thereby making it faster and more efficient.

    • Node.JS Support

      Most applications are created for use in scaling large network systems that require having to create multiple instances of APIs. APIs help to improve the process of interaction between a range of software, devices and platforms. Understanding how to employ API’s for quick response time is essential to an applications’ success. With our developers you can be confident that your APIs are going to be fast, accurate, and reliable.