At Mbsap, we provide comprehensive health risk assessment services to companies and organizations, big and small, to help them access and score their employees/ patients on various health parameters, protecting them from several chronic diseases and ensuring their overall well-being. Our health and safety risk assessment services give you the power to reduce employee absenteeism, cut health insurance costs, and improve employee wellness.


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    Health Risk Assessment Services We Offer

    Mbsap is a leading health risk assessment service provider offering its services to a large number of clients across the globe. Backed by an experienced team of healthcare analysts, we help employees evaluate their health and fitness levels and take predictive, result-oriented actions that help them achieve their fitness goals and improve workplace performance and productivity. Our comprehensive health risk assessment services include –

    Complete Health Risk Assessment Survey

    Through our comprehensive health risk assessment survey, we evaluate your employee for some of the most chronic lifestyle diseases, including diabetes, blood pressure, high cholesterol, stroke, and lung, breast, colon, and prostate cancer. Our simple and easy-to-understand reports display your employees’ risk to these diseases along with a peer-to-peer comparison for accuracy. Along the way, we also educate your employees to imbibe certain lifestyle changes – diet, exercise, and more – to prevent or treat these diseases.

    General Health Risk Assessment Survey

    We help you understand and evaluate your employee’s risk to certain general health conditions that can affect their work performance and efficiency. Our general health risk survey provides you a detailed report on employees’ nutrition, stress and anxiety levels, alcohol and tobacco use, vehicle safety, physical activity status, health habits, and biometric measures.

    Mental Health Risk Assessment

    One of the most important aspects of employees’ health that often misses our attention is their mental health. Mbsap mental health risk assessment services help you to evaluate your employees’ stress levels, emotional well-being, and general mental state. This helps us assess and highlight their care needs and their risk of harming themselves or others in the team.

    Occupational Health and Safety Risk Assessment

    By conducting a thorough occupational health risk assessment, we help your business meet the health and safety standards. This not only helps you stay in compliance with the national and international safety legislation but also enables you to protect your workforce from occupational illness. From evaluating your building’s indoor air quality to monitoring sound levels and capturing toxic contaminants, we help you ensure that your workplace is well within the prescribed health safety limits