Is your medical organization struggling to keep up with the regularly changing rules and regulations when it comes to medical coding? Are you falling short of resources to handle your medical coding requirements? Then, the best option for your organization would be to Mbsap medical coding services to an experienced service provider who can not only provide you with best-quality services but also help in generating better revenues.


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    Mbsap Multi-specialty Medical Coding Services

    Mbsap is one of the world’s leading providers of medical billing and medical coding services. If you are looking for accurate medical coding online services at a cost-effective price, we can deliver the service you need. Our level of accuracy and fast turnaround time has set us apart from other medical billing coding outsourcing providers. Choose us as your medical coding partner today and see higher efficiency and cost savings.

    Mbsap coding team has worked on multi-specialty and multi-disciplinary requirements. The following are some specialties that we have worked with although we are not limited to these specialties –

    •  Ambulance
    •  Chiropractic
    •  Pediatrics
    •  Radiology
    •  Cardiology
    •  Neurology
    •  Hospice
    •  Internal medicine
    •  Physical therapy
    •  Gastroenterology
    •  Urgent care
    •  Emergency room
    •  Rheumatology
    •  Endocrinology
    •  Psychiatry
    •  Skilled nursing facility
    •  Pediatric Nephrology
    •  Orthopedic